More Than A Mistress by Mary Bologh

In Romance on January 14, 2010 at 5:08 pm
More than a Mistress by Mary Balogh

More than a Mistress by Mary Balogh

Title: More Than a Mistress

Author: Mary Bologh

Genre: Fiction/Romance/Regency

Rating: ****/****

Since I’m new to the romance genre, I am still a bit cynical about the pastel covers & purple prose. ‘Oh, this can’t be any good,’ I think whenever I
see one of these books though I’m trying my best to forget those notions. If anything will, it’s this book by Mary Bologh who I believe happens to be
one of the top authors in the Regency Romance genre. Bologh’s novel focuses upon two people fighting against their better judgments when they fall in
love with each other.  Of course, it’s a romance novel, they have to fall in love.  Now, how do they fall in love, you say?  Well, the beautiful Jane
Ingleby is walking across Hyde Park on her way to work when she sees a duel taking place involving the scandalous Duke of Tresham. By the way, he’s
also pretty good looking from what I gather & rich too, it seems to be a theme in these types of books. (If anybody knows any romances that don’t
involve ridiculously wealthy men, send you recommendations my way.)  OK, have to stop being cynical, as this book did not work out as I thought in the

The saucy Jane Ingleby has a mind of her own & sees to it to interrupt the duel, causing inadvertently for the Duke of Tresham to be shot in the leg.
Tresham isn’t too happy with what has happened & demands Jane help him, eventually hiring her as his nurse both as a punishment for distracting him
in the duel & because he made her late, causing her to lose her job. Convenient!  Now that Jane has found her way into his home, her wit & brutal honesty, make her at first an annoyance to Tresham but eventually, he warms to her. And she to him despite his brooding nature & angry moods. What follows is an arrangement for her to be his mistress, where she lives in a London house in the lap of luxury. To each party, they believe that it is merely a business deal, but it transforms into something more indeed.

Now, I shouldn’t give away anymore details as I’ve already stated that it didn’t work out as I had guessed it would. It is a romance, so we know it
will be a happy ending, but Bologh’s novel is really about the different facades people put up to protect themselves, sometimes literally from the
danger just around the corner. What Tresham & Jane find in each other is the ability to eventually open up, share their secrets, & accept that love
isn’t only for fools.



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