Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

In YA Lit on May 23, 2010 at 12:49 am

Title: Anne on My Mind
Author: Nancy Garden
Genre: YA Fiction
Rating: ****/****

Controversial in its time, ‘Annie on My Mind’ seems tame by 21st century standards. It’s basically a story about two girls who meet at a museum & form a connection with each other. At first, the pair believe their love for each other is entirely platonic, but soon realize their feelings go deeper than mere friendship. Of course, being young & living in a society where things of this nature are not supposed to be discussed, the girls find their own way of dealing with their forbidden nature & eventually come to be unashamed of what they are.

It’s truly a story about the power of friendship & love, both girls have their own difficulties in life. Annie is growing up in a poor neighborhood, in a dangerous public school without friends whereas Liza (the narrator) experiences the claustraphobia of the private school & deals with the high expectations of her parents. The main conflict in the novel involves an incident with Liza’s school when they become aware of her relationship with Annie.

What I really liked about the book was that it was truly hopeful, touched a little upon the realities of class struggles, & painted a picture of homophobia that many teens face. It was almost too much for these girls, but their love was stronger than anybody’s hate or any guilt forced upon them. Also, have to say that there were no truly evil characters in this novel, because you understood them as misguided rather than hateful.

It’s a tame novel by anybody’s standards outside of the Westboro Baptist Church. 😉


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