Out of Sync by Lance Bass

In Nonfiction on May 24, 2010 at 1:21 am

Title: Out of Sync
Author: Lance Bass
Genre: Nonfiction/memoir
Rating: ***/****

It was a delight to read Lance Bass’s memoir, ‘Out of Sync’. The normally soft-spoken nice guy of Nsync let the truth out on a number of things. First & most important to longtime fans who fondly remember plastering their walls with Nsync posters, Lance reveals what caused the band to break up. He doesn’t pull any punches, but his dry wit does reveal his true feelings on the subject. We learn of the band drifting apart, mainly due to one member going solo. (I wonder who that could be.) Also, Lance talks about how he felt being closeted & how he became too co-dependent in his relationships with men.

What really struck me about the book concerning the band was how Lou Pearlman, their former manager (amongst other job titles), exploited them & refused to pay them what was due. It’s hard to believe that while I was listening to ‘Tearin’ Up My Heart’ & other hits, these guys were living on $35/day. Fortunately, they found a means to disassociate with Pearlman legally & enjoyed financial success with their second & third albums.

But Lance really opens up his heart & writes his painful story of becoming true to himself that really touched me. He hasn’t had very much success dating, has had his heart broken a few times, but he has hopes for the future. I think it was right of him to write about how his mother had difficulty with his sexuality due to their religion, but Lance assured her he still believed & that god had made him that way.

It was a short, quick read without any embellishments, just the plain truth written by a man who has become comfortable & happy in his own skin.

PS: I do hope Nsync makes another album one day.


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