In Between The Sheets by Ian McEwan

In General Fiction on June 8, 2010 at 8:18 am

Title: In Between The Sheets
Author: Ian McEwan
Genre: Fiction/short stories
Rating: **/****

‘In Between The Sheets’ is a small collection of short stories published in 1978 by renowned English author Ian McEwan (‘Atonement’ & ‘On Chesil Beach’). In each story, McEwan examines dysfunctional relationships & sexual difficulties, with each becoming more bizarre as the collection progresses. Honestly, I will be the first to admit that some of it went over my (thick-skulled) head, with particular attention to the story ‘Two Fragments’ that left me confused even after two reads. Many of the stories have bizarre twists that are left unexamined, but whose effects may leave the reader lingering on the possibilities for some time. It’s all a confusing ordeal, sex & love, & it has the power to change us for better or worse.

However despite its faults or the faults of this reader, I did enjoy the macabre elements of ‘Pornography’ where a wayward two-timer pornographic bookseller becomes the victim in his own game & ‘Dead As They Come’ where a multi-millionaire who has lost interest in the opposite sex is suddenly struck by & allured by the beauty of a woman he sees through a shop window. In both stories the men are searching for their ideal relationship, ideal person really, but their uncompromising nature causes them to devalue the opposite sex on the basis of unrealistic standards they have set & eventually, these expectations drive them to the brink of madness or curiously, to become subjected & objectified.


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