The Year of Living Famously by Laura Caldwell

In General Fiction on July 1, 2010 at 5:47 am

Title: The Year of Living Famously
Author: Laura Caldwell
Genre: Fiction/Chick Lit
Rating: ****/****
ISBN: 0373250754

Delving into another chick lit novel after a long break ended up being one of the best reads I’ve had all summer. The story centers around the life of amateur fashion designer Kyra living in Manhattan. She’s had a bit of success here & again with her designs, but she’s mainly stuck working as a temp. She has friends, but they are mainly concerned with their marital problems or living across country. Kyra is a strong woman, but she’s wondering when it will all change for her.

On a trip to Vegas (Vegas baby!) she meets Irish actor Declan McKenna who strikes up an e-mail relationship with her after their encounter. From e-mails, it turns into a date when he moves into the city for an acting gig & from there, it progresses into a real relationship which causes her to move across country to be with him. The novel could be said to be predictable, but it dealt a lot with the hardship of fame. The stalkers, the overwhelming amount of attention, the malicious gossip, & worse of all, the inability to discern when your partner is acting.

Overall a great book for the genre IMO.


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