The Seduction of an Unknown Lady by Samantha James

In Romance on July 3, 2010 at 2:55 am

Title: The Seduction of an Unknown Lady
Author: Samantha James
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Rating: ****/****
ISBN: 0060896493

This is the second in the McBride series, following the story of Aidan McBride & his heroine Fionna Hawkes set in Victorian England. They both have secret lives: she is a best-selling novelist & has a mother in the madhouse, he’s just left India & his military career for unknown reasons. Fionna has her own bookshop & is managing it well, needing the money for her mother’s care. She expected that her life would be solitary until Aidan walks into her life & refuses to leave. Of course, she can’t tell him her secrets, but is forced to when a secret admirer proves to have more than a little interest in her.

What James has done is set the novel with a gothic background, but fortunately did not let it override the plot. It wasn’t dark at all though the reader & characters know someone is watching Fionna, aside from Aidan himself. Both characters grow with each other in realistic ways, letting their secrets be known & as their love grows, they are able to confront what could possibly separate them.

Overall, an excellent romance where James definitely put in her best effort to build the plot & put in plenty of mystery & twists to have the reader enthralled. Plus, both Fionna & Aidan are likeable & believable characters. Fionna is a strong character, but not bossy or bitchy, & Aidan is more gentlemanly than your average rake, if indeed he should merit that label.


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