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Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

In Horror on May 23, 2010 at 12:31 am

Title: Heart-Shaped Box
Author:  Joe Hill
Genre: Horror
Rating: **/****

I had high hopes for this book being that the premise of a man collecting artifacts of the macabre seems like something sick I would do (if I had the money) & I was looking forward to reading a horror book. It’s been years since my last dose of terror in book-form, but I couldn’t find myself much engaged in this story. It’s about an aging rockstar named Judas Coyne (love the pun) who buys a ghost through an online auction for $1,000. The ghost arrives via a heart-shaped box with an old man’s suit inside.

Well, what Judas & his stripper girlfriend du jour Georgia find out is that this isn’t a harmless addition to the collection, it’s an actual ghost & it’s there on a mission. Now, this is where the story lost me & admittedly, it was very early in the book…the ghost wants to kill Judas & anyone who helps him, because the ghost is the stepfather of one of his past girlfriends Florida (names his women after states, making it easier to discard them). Florida later commits suicide, thus providing the motive for Mr. Ghosty’s revenge.

But…dun, dun, dun, we find out there is more to the story than we imagined & if I said anymore it would surely spoil the plot. It wasn’t my cup of tea, found it a bit dull at times & I was barely interested in the characters. However, I did like how the dogs Angus & Bon were vital to the plot.